UX project

Non-Hierachical Platform
A website that curates SDG-related cases and actively keeps them updated and discussed. A website that balances the robustness of knowledge and the interaction between decision-makers and citizens
Transform2 the Timeline

Discovering the website’s true audience with personas and journey maps and improve the website
Living in Lofts
Understanding the true life experience of loft-ers by interviews with personas and journey maps


Visualize Asiaphobia
Utilize data visualization to reveal the relationship between the surge of hate crime and Trump’s inciting tweets
The Compton Trilogy
To truly understand the lives of infamous Compton, and to combat the media stigma with local activism
AR Project
What would happen if we reverse the relationship between these two: making shadow as new light?
The Eating Flow
From a fun idea of finding out who eats all the food to a scientific tool of eating behaviorism.
A fun urban experiment to study people’s interaction with a mirror in the urban settings

Architecture but UX

Invisible Clinic
Uncover the stigmatized mental issues for citizens and design a clinic that brings a new therapy experience
Based on the community, a park that really unites, pleases, and enriches the community


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