Research - Master Thesis

Loft Living

The thesis argued that loft-living was an inclusive and affordable practice in the Chinese city and became a physical confrontation towards conservative customs and values the society and governments impose on the younger generation. Moreover, lofts in Hangzhou have become a feminist practice that opposes the patriarchal narratives ︎Read More
Research/Visualization - Video Essays

The Compton Trilogy

To truly understand the lives of infamous Compton, and to combat the media stigma with local activism︎Read More
Program - AR project

Shadow as New Light

What would happen if we reverse the relationship between these two: making shadow as new light?︎Read More
Program - Motion Detect

The Eating Flow

From a fun idea of finding out who eats all the food to a scientific tool of eating behaviorism.︎Read More
Research - Urban Experiment


A fun urban experiment to study people’s interaction with a mirror in the urban settings︎Read More
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