We help all animals find a home!

This project was for my Google UX Certificate. The objective of the course was to prepare us with readiness for UX design jobs. I completed the course, and learned an incredible amount of user design knowledge and strategy.

Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Miro, pen and paper

My role: UX researcher and designer
The project goal was to design a pet registration flow for animal shelters in various scenarios, as well as provide resources for people to participate helping more animals
What is PetHome?
PetHome is a responsive website that 1) provides quick pet registration for animals shelter, 2) connects various shelters and forms a shared network, and 3) encourages people to volunteer and be a part of the animal rescue/shelter business.
Affinity Diagramming

Interview & Affinity Diagram

I interviewed four of my friends who have had experience reporting street or lost animals to learn about their reporting experience. I used Miro to map out their responses and find insights. As a UX designer, I combined their answers with my experience using the websites for street/lost animals.
Problems to solve

  1. Multiple ways of reporting/registering should be provided, including phone service, online, etc.
  2. Each case should be available to review and check.
  3. Responsive design will be needed to prepare for various scenarios users may encounter.
  4. People should have access to resources that have them be a part of animal rescuing/assisting.



Brainstormed three possible designed and combined them into one wireframe

Low-fi prototype

Usability study


Meet Alex, a recent college graduate with a kind heart for all animals who wants to volunteer in shelters to help more animals because he cares about them and thinks time spent with them is therapeutic for him.

User journey map

Goal: Have a smooth flow to register a found animal on the street to a local shelter Two user journeys are compared to get better insights on our product


  • Being easy to navigate is exceptionally critical to user experience in this case
  • The registration pages and flows should be simple and clear
  • Users will want a review page before submission to ensure the information is correct
  • Users fancy the functions of following up on their submission and getting notified in their preferred way about their case

High-fi prototype

Several changes are made based on user research. A. Use the hero image as the background and make the title more obvious
B. Add a review page before submission, so users have a chance to check if the information were correct
C. Provide a summary page for their submission, which users can re-visit anytime by the file number

Scale down to mobile

The mobile version of the website is adapted from the desktop version with consistent designs.
Product solution
Stress-free user flow for registering Straightforward registration flow for quick and reliable registration for animals. With a stress-free interface and clear user flow, users experience no more pressure speaking to an agent. With file numbers, users can always come back and follow their case and ensure the animals have been taken good care of.
Building a network for all shelters We are building a network for all shelters. So we can stay united and maximize our impact. With the help of a network, users can easily locate a nearby shelter, and shelters can choose to quickly join the network.
Great things may be done by mass effort We need help, and the animals need help. The more, the merrier. Our membership page and calendar function provides easy access to volunteer activities and help you manage your schedule efficiently.
Responsive design ensures every caseThe website is designed to be responsive so our users can register on their phones easily without rushing to a computer.

Sticker sheet

PetHome connects users directly with the shelter resources, making the flow more straightforward and quicker. By forming a network around various shelters, maximization of resources and rational allocation are made possible. Moreover, people now have a place to know about volunteer chances, and they can get involved in helping animals.
What I learned Learning which platform users will mainly use when developing a new product is essential. In this case, more people may access the registration function using a mobile phone, and more shelters will access the website through the desktop. It might be helpful to take that into consideration next time.
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